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Walk the Plank

Live-stream it on social media

  1. Sign up to get your fundraising page

  2. Tell everyone that you’re going to live-stream on social media that you are going to walk the plank on Talk Like a Pirate Day if you reach a certain fundraising goal. Make your fundraising goal a decent challenge so that the big day is even more eventful.

  3. You can add to the experience by using a kiddies pool filled with water and have some friends or family throwing some buckets of water at you for added drama and laughs. Be creative!

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Hold a ‘Geocaching’ Treasure Hunt

Gather your friends or do it as a family activity

This is the easiest way to organise a treasure hunt (most of the work has been done for you!)

  1. Sign up to get your fundraising page and make a team page for your special treasure hunt event

  2. Gather your friends and ask them to sign up and join your team and then set a date to do your geocaching treasure hunt.

  3. Plan your special day and ask everyone to dress up as pirates.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use Global Positioning System through a smart phone app to seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world. You’ll be surprised how many geocaches are in your area just waiting for you to pillage them.

Find out more about geocaching here

Alternatively, you could set up an orienteering course and just put a pirate twist on it!

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Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Marathon

Just because the movie cinemas are closed, doesn’t mean you can enjoy a good movie night with your friends. All you need to do is sign up, pick a date for your movie night and ask your friends to donate to your fundraising page what they’d normally spend on a movie ticket and snacks.

Do a Virtual Pirate Themed Recital

Choose your favourite Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Song or Sea Shanty

  1. Sign up and create your fundraising page.

  2. Learn the music for your favourite pirate music (doing a quick Google and you should be able to find some sheet music for free)

  3. Promote when you’ll do your virtual recital on Facebook Live and ask for donations on when you go live as well as in the lead up to your special event

Tell Pirate Jokes on Social Media

Tell a joke every day of September and ask for donations

Get creative in how you present your joke each day (e.g. use a video). People will get behind your enthusiasm for the cause (or they’ll donate just to make the jokes stop!)

Make sure you share your fundraising page link every time you tell a joke.

Create a special Talk Like a Pirate Video asking for donations

  • Sign up and create your fundraising page.

  • Create a stop motion video using LEGO or your favourite pirate toys.

  • OR Ask your family to film you using your best pirate accent and compelling plea for donations.

Hold a Virtual Treasure Hunt on in your Social Media

Save the images below to share to social media

Treasure Hunt

  1. Sign up to create your fundraising page.
  2. Put together a few prizes for your pirate booty (e.g. scratchies, movie tickets, gift cards, cash, or promise to shout your friend to lunch etc).
  3. Share with your friends and family that you’re doing a virtual treasure hunt on social media.
  4. Post up the two images your Instagram or Facebook story and ask people to make a donation for them to have their guess at finding the treasure by letting you know the coordinates on the treasure map.
  5. Once someone has made a donation and made their guess, add their name to your map in the spot they chose.
  6. When all the spots on your map have been sold you can announce the winners and distribute your prizes!

Do Pirate Chores for Donations

(All while dressed up of course)

This is a great one for the kids to do at home or offer services to friends and family

Sign up and create your fundraising page. This will be where people can make a donation for the services you provide.

Get your young buccaneers doing pirate chores for donations. For example:

  • Swab the deck (do the vacuuming and mopping)
  • Clean the poop deck (clean the toilets!)
  • Hoist the main sail (hang out the washing)

And make sure all the chores are done in a pirate costume (and capturing video footage is a must!)

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