Let's Get Started

Getting Started

Keep It Simple

The day is all about dressing up and having fun while making a difference to the lives of Childhood Cancer families.

Talk Like a Pirate Day™ is a great fundraising event for schools, childcare centres, community groups, workplaces and individuals.

We leave how you want to enjoy the day entirely up to you, and give you some handy fundraising ideas to get you started.

We'll add new fundraising ideas and fun on the day activities regularly so check the resources section for the latest fundraising and promotional tools.

Child in pirate costume piggybacking on shoulders of a man

Let's get started!

Sign Up and start a Team

Complete a short online registration. You can participate as an individual, start a team or join a team. Sign Up Now!

Gather your crew
Invite your crew members to join your team. Remember more team members means more FUN!

Back yourself!
Our most powerful Pirates kick start their fundraising by donating to themselves! Your friends and family are more likely to donate to your cause if they can see you are committed.

Tell everyone
Share your personal or team fundraising page through social media asking them to donate towards your fundraising efforts. Make sure you share it regularly as we are all busy these days and we usually need a couple of reminders.

Place a notice in the school, work or sporting newsletter.

Make posters for your event using our Poster Templates or make your own using the Logos in our Resources section.

Plan your in house fundraising activities
Check out our Fundraising Ideas Booklet for lots of fun ideas to help you to fill your treasure chest.

Below are just a couple to whet your appetite

  • Reward your team for reaching their Goal - If your team reaches their goal a prominent Team mate/ staff member will walk the plank.
  • Hold a Raffle or Pirate Lucky Number Board
  • Collect a Donation for a free Dress Pirate day
  • Hold a morning tea or baked goods sale

Check out the Talk Like A Pirate Day Online Shop

We’ve got your back!
We’re here as your ship's First Mate and will be with you every step of the way to make your Talk like a Pirate Day an awesome and unforgettable experience!

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