How Your Funds Help

Meet the Kyriakakis Family

Rose Kyriakakis was diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma at age 3.

The Kyriakakis family were happy, healthy, and enjoying life on the Gold Coast until the beginning of May 2020 when one day, playing on the trampoline, Rose’s mum, Cassandra found a large lump on her daughter’s neck.

“As soon as we found that lump, we rushed Rose straight to the emergency department, and within 24 hours, she started having fevers and vomiting.”

After weeks of surgeries and investigations, Rose was diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma.

“We were absolutely gutted, completely heartbroken and scared about what the future would hold for both Rose, and her identical twin sister, Lily.”

Rose endured seven surgeries and has just completed six rounds of Chemotherapy. Each round of Chemotherapy involves a 5-night admission to hospital.

“Whatever you imagine it to be like, just know that it’s much worse. It’s so overwhelming and life changing. Your world stops and the only thing you focus on is your baby.”

“The support we receive from Childhood Cancer Support has saved us in so many ways.”

“Without Childhood Cancer Support, we would be extremely stressed and in a lot of trouble financially. It would probably push us over the edge.”

“They not only provide a fully equipped home away from home, but they also provide services like a shuttle bus to and from the hospital, free groceries, counselling services and family activities. They also connect you with other families who are going through the same experience.”

“Knowing we have somewhere to stay while Rosie finished her treatment is a huge relief. We are so grateful for the support from Childhood Cancer Support.”

The Story of Childhood Cancer Support

Childhood Cancer Support was formed in 1975 when a group of desperate parents, with children being treated for leukaemia and cancer, met to discuss ways of helping each other and their children. Childhood cancers are distinctly different from their adult forms and, recognising this, these visionaries identified the need to help children that had been diagnosed, and their families.

Today, Childhood Cancer Support provides emotional and financial support to regional families through accommodation and a range of support services. The charity is committed to making life easier for families impacted by childhood cancer.